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Company Anipocars, s.r.o We are a successful car rental company operating in Bratislava. We try to make our clients’ way to work or fun. We offer long / short car rental. Our qualified staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Anipo Cars’ professional approach will do our utmost to satisfy our clients. We focus on renting vehicles from economy to luxury. Our car rental in Bratislava will do everything to be happy and rent a car again.

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We know the difference is in detail and that is why our car rental services stand out from the rest, so we strive to bring you the best service for a unique driving experience.

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Discover first class car rental services.


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We range from classic to exclusive car brands.


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You have the best price guarantee from us far and wide so you will not regret it with us.


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We bring you nonstop customer support 24/7. If anything happens we are here for you.